A Quick Look at The Slotfather Online Slot

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The Slotfather Online Slot

Mafia stories have become a popular part of modern day culture, and plenty of movies with that theme have been made. This slot game also has a theme of mobsters and gangsters, and in fact is a parody of the well known film The Godfather and the entire Mafia genre. You will find yourself deep in the world of organized crime, with symbols and game play reflecting the Mafia theme. When you load this game, the Slotfather himself, surrounded by his gang members, announces that all players will keep coming back to this game, by offering players a jackpot they cannot refuse.

There are several good payouts, and a very worthwhile jackpot to be won. The Slotfather slot is a five reel game with three rows of symbols on the screen at all times. There are thirty pay lines, and you can choose how many lines you want for each spin. The Slotfather slot also has a music score that sounds as if it comes directly from an underworld gang, but the graphics are colourful and bright.

Good Payouts Even for the Lowest Value Symbols

The aim of the Slotfather slot is to match symbols from left to right on a single active pay line. You will have to match three or more of most of the symbols in order to win a payout. All symbols fit into the Mafia theme, the symbols with the lowest value being guns, cigars, bottles of wine and even a map of Italy. The symbol with the lowest value of all is a newspaper, but you will still win a good number of coins for landing on five of the newspapers.  The bigger the number of symbols you land on, the bigger will be your prize.

The symbols with the highest value will award you with wins even if you hit only two. These include the briefcases full of money, getaway cars, and even the Slotfather’s cronies. The best win is for five of the underboss symbol appearing on each payline you bet on.

Playing The Slotfather Slot

Four Different Bonus Rounds

Like bonuses at https://onlinekeno.co/keno-bonus, The Slotfather slot includes four different bonuses you can win. There is a simple bonus round, the underboss scatter bonus, the instant win bonus and a mob bonus. The bonus round is triggered by hitting on three or more Slotfather symbols on a single pay line. You will have to do a job for the Slotfather and collect the credit. The job will end with a meeting with the Slotfather and you can collect a special reward.

Multipliers and Free Spins

The mob bonus feature in the Slotfather slot includes a multiplier. One of the gangsters sprays bullets all over the screen with a gun, and you can choose a bullet hole. Each bullet hole will reveal a free spin and a multiplier. If this bonus occurs on multiple pay lines the number of free spins gets multiplied by the number of pay lines. The number of credits you earned during the free spins round will also get multiplied. The underboss scatter can also get you one of the best payouts in the game for five symbols appearing on a pay line. The sneaky instant win occurs when a sneaky mobster appears next to the briefcase symbol on the first three pay lines.

The Slotfather slot game has some entertaining features, and is probably one of the most popular 3D games from the leading developer Betsoft.

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