A Glance at Hurling Betting for Sports Bettors Online

Hurling Betting for Sports Bettors Online

Hurling is a predominantly Irish sport, similar in ways to Gaelic football. Hurling is well known for being an extremely fast paced and action packed sport, with many Irish areas considering hurling events to be central to their lives.

The game utilised a stick, referred to as a Hurley, which is used by players to manipulate a ball over, or under, a set of goals.

Hurling is played on the same field as is used in Gaelic football, which requires a specialised goalpost. Much of the terminology used in Gaelic football is also carried over into hurling events. As part of the official Gaelic Games, played in Ireland, hurling is played on a professional level, but is not overly popular beyond the borders of Ireland.

The sport of hurling is very physical in nature, and often came under criticism that players were not required to wear protective gear. It is only recently in 2010 that it became mandatory for players on the professional level to wear protective helmets and face masks. Up until this time it was common for players to receive injuries, sometimes serious. Purest fans of the sport have said that the new protective gear undermines the core of the sport, but the majority of hurling fans have said it was a necessary measure.

Hurling Rules

As mentioned, hurling uses a stick, but players are also allowed to pick up the ball and run with it for no more than four steps. After four steps the player is required to balance the ball on a Hurley. Players may also pass the ball to other players by hand, or slap it out of the air. Kicking the ball is also allowed. If running with the ball, a player may only manipulate it by hand twice, before being required to pass it on or drop it. It should be noted that players favour using the Hurley over hands, and that the focus of the game is not on the body being used, as in Gaelic football.

Hurling Wagering

In terms of aggression, players are allowed to charge one another with shoulder to shoulder attacks, provided that at least one of the attacking player’s feet is on the ground. It is this aggressive aspect of the game that has been the focus of much controversy. Rules state that players are not allowed to charge one another unless a player is in possession of the ball, or unless two players are both headed towards the ball. There have, however, been many cases in which it has been argued that the game is extremely dangerous for players, and that aggression rules should be tightened. Fans of the sport have passionately stood apposed to all suggestions that the game be made gentler for players.

Hurling Betting Options

It is very popular for Irish fans of hurling to place bets on professional games at the best online betting sites. Many Irish bookmakers focus entirely on the sport, offering great deals and operating hurling themed websites. Like cricket betting NZ, international betting on the game is also possible and hurling events may be watched via live feeds online. Investigate your favourite online bookmaker to see what betting options are offered.

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