The Exclusive Betting Tips for Sports Punters

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Exclusive Betting Tips

There are a large number of sports betting guides out there for Australian punters. From well known sports such as the AFL, to much lesser known, it is almost guaranteed that a betting guide and a number of tips and tricks have been written on the topic.

As a pro sports bettor, one should always make the effort to read as many of these betting guides as possible. Obviously, some will be aimed at beginners to the sports betting world, but you never know when you will pick up a tip that you have never heard of, or simply never occurred to you.

Try Something Different

The big, popular betting markets have many participants, and of course many bookies and betting sites offering odds and various bets on them. Expert sports bettors can, of course, make a win on these big betting markets but bear in mind that that the bookies have to make a living and thus swing the popular markets a smidge in their direction with house edges etc. taking the time to find a lesser known betting market, maybe offered by only a few bookies which has not yet attracted the attention of the rest of Australia may be totally worth your while. Betting sites and bookies tend to concentrate on making their money off the bigger markets, so the smaller ones often have less of a house edge.

Read the Professionals

Professional tipsters have their purpose, just make sure that the ones you choose to believe are legit. Many betting sites employ professional tipsters who have spent years researching their particular sphere of influence and thus are experts in what they do. Reading these professionals advice can definitely give you a leg up on the average Joe who simply places a bet without doing any research or really knowing what he is doing.

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Peruse the Bonuses

Every betting site tries to win new members by offering various bonuses and start up promotions. Not all of these are created equal, however, and an astute Australian punter can take advantage of this.

Novices to the online betting world will most likely go for the big brand names when it comes to sports betting. The experienced punter is not limited by this, as they have their own experience and knowledge and do not have to rely on what the sites recommend. This, in turn, leaves you free to try the smaller, newer sites which may be offering much bigger start up bonuses in the hopes of attracting members away from the big boys.

Research, Research, Research

As an Australian punter with a bit of experience under your belt, this advice may sound overrated. And yet it cannot be stressed enough. The key to successful sports betting, no matter how experienced you are, is to do your research. Make sure that you not only understand the sport itself but the betting markets and even the players. Researching near to the time of your chosen game or race can help you as a punter to get an idea of the emotional state of the players or participants.

Social media is a great way to do this, as the individuals often post or tweet their current thoughts or feelings. As sport is a human activity, human error is a real proponent of how the game may turn out. With the correct knowledge, you may be able to predict human error pitfalls before they happen.

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