The Details about Boxing Betting for Punters in New Zealand

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Betting on boxing is a hugely popular sport for New Zealand punters, with options to place wagers on local bouts as well as a massive range of international matches. There are so many options as boxing matches happen throughout the world all year round, giving punters in New Zealand a big selection of fights to bet on.

Since time immemorial, people have staked bets on the outcome of boxing and other fighting clashes, but it was probably made official in the time of the ancient Greeks and the inception of the early Olympic Games. And nowadays it is possible to do so with great ease on a range of online betting sites or sportsbooks, if you are unable to get to the games you want to see.

New Zealand punters can get into boxing betting from the top level competitions like the boxing World Championships, to events in the Olympic Games and also Commonwealth Games betting.

Types of Boxing Betting Markets

One of the joys of boxing betting for New Zealand punters is the accessibility of the sport for betting on without having to have a massive amount of understanding of the sport. In boxing betting there are only three possible outcomes to any match, a win, a draw or a loss. Betting on these options are called a money line bet or also a straight win bet.

So betting can be as straightforward as you like, however the bets on sports have upped the stakes with more exotic and prop type bets to make boxing betting more complex, and this increases your winning options.

Some of these more exciting boxing betting options include wagers on who might land the very first punch, if there might be a knockout, whether the match will go on for longer than nine rounds, or perhaps if there might be a TKO decision. When there is a very clear preferred winner and an underdog fighting together, the New Zealand bookmakers will offer over/under betting options. Then Kiwi punters must choose if the underdog is going to lose the game by the bookmakers’ predetermined margin.

Many boxing events have a line up of quite a few bouts for the night.  In that scenario punters are able to place bets guessing the winners for consecutive fights for the whole evening, in a very similar way to the bets accepted for horse racing events. This is a way to up your odds of winning large amounts of money for really small initial investments. The odds are obviously higher, but the more you know about the fighters’ current state and recent history, the more chances you have of winning big on boxing betting in New Zealand.

Bonuses for Signing Up

All of the top-rated sportsbooks in New Zealand such as that offer boxing betting, as well as other sports betting options offer great sign up bonuses when joining up like at You can expect to be offered great bonuses such as ‘Receive $150 NZD if you bet $50 NZD’, ‘Receive a $501 NZD bonus bet for joining’ and many other really worthwhile offers, but always remember to check out the terms and conditions attached to them. There is nothing stopping you from joining a few sportsbooks, and this will give you free play for quite a while, letting you really get into boxing betting from the word go, without a big outlay.

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