An Introduction to Angle Park Dog Racing Track

Angle Park is one of the premier dog tracks in New South Wales, Australia. Situated just outside of Adelaide, which is one of Australia’s biggest cities, the track plays host to racing each week as well as the main race once a year which is the Adelaide Cup. The track receives Sky coverage as it is one of the main tracks in the country. Full bookmakers and TAB facilities are provided on site, as is other amenities such as bars and restaurants Angle Park is a family oriented track, designed for nights out by locals and afternoons watching racing with families. The grandstand allows views of the track form all seats, providing fast paced racing action. Many tracks rely on wagering to stay open, and Angle Park is no different. Bigger races attract bigger, more quality fields of dogs and thus more interest in wagering both at the track and online.

How to Bet

Betting on a race at Angle Park is an easier feat these days than it was decades ago. Modern technology has given us the power of the internet, which allows bets to placed from pretty much wherever the punter is. This also allows more people from across the country and even the world to take part in placing a wager on a race at Angle Park. Fixed Odds on races at Angle Park are opened ten minutes before the race for most daily races, but for the bigger races can open days or even weeks in advance. Fixed odds allow punters the opportunity to know exactly what the odds are per dog that they are backing. This differs from Tote odds as these are only shown when the race begins. Fixed odds on a dog are decided by bookies, and can vary from bookie to bookie. Shopping around to find the best ones to suit you and the dog on which you wish to place a wager is beneficial

Types of Wagers

There are many different wagers that one can placed on rugby matches. These wagers range in complication, offering good odds for beginners and experienced punters alike. Knowing your dogs as well as your online betting systems will help greatly if you wish to take one of the more complicated wagers such as a quaddie. The simplest wager is a win bet. This is a straight bet on which dog will win a race. The fixed odds come into play here, as they will determine how much money you get back if your dog wins. A dog with lower odds of winning will pay out more than a dog with higher odds of winning, i.e. a favourite. Complicated wagers include quaddies, trifecta’s and quinella’s. All of these are more lucrative to place than a win bet, as the Melbourne Cup odds of getting them right are much lower.  A quaddie is a bet on which dogs will win four set races. You will have to know your dogs very well, as well as the track conditions and which dogs are running in the race to get this wager correct. Trifecta’s are similar, except that it’s all in one race. Here you have to pick which dogs will come in first, second and third in that order.  A quinella is the easiest of these wagers, requiring you to pick the top two dogs in any race, in any order.

Dustin Joves