Take a Look at Oscar’s Grind Strategy in Betting

There are many systems that aim to help gamblers minimise losses when making bets. Some systems are highly complicated, requiring a good understanding of maths and odds, while others are relatively simple and easier to grasp. Some have names such as the James Bond system, while others are more appropriately named, such as Oscar’s Grind.

Whichever system you prefer, the only real thing to keep in mind is that having a system is by far better then having no system at all. Randomly placing bets based on gut feelings or intuition may be the most fun way to bet, but it certainly isn’t the most strategically sound. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a bit of wild betting, as long as a person does not get into a habit of it, and wonder why they seems to gradually be slipping into the red. A few wild bets, however, that yield results, are a perfectly fun way to spend a few minutes at a roulette wheel, as long as the gambler understands that he or she is just as likely to walk away with empty pockets.

Oscar’s Grind

Oscar’s Grind is a fairly simple online betting strategy used in roulette. In principal, it is a very basic strategy that simply involves making smaller or larger bets over a course of time. The bet maker may use this strategy by simply putting chips on black or red, but the idea expands to all types of bets on the roulette betting table, and may be combined with other strategies.

The premise of the strategy is this; if a gambler puts chips on black, and keeps putting chips on black repeatedly, they simply have to reduce the bet when the odds are against them, and raise the bet when the odds swing back in their favour. It may seem obvious to do so, but a large number of gamblers will place the same bet, which over a course of time in the gambling world is a sure fire way to land up sinking into the red, given that the house advantage is a known factor. This betting system, over a course of time, is proven to yield profits.

In More Detail

The Oscar’s Grind system is based on the principle that odds have a habit of producing what is known as winning streaks and losing streaks, or what can more accurately be described as statistics balancing themselves out.  A gambler may simply manually add chips or remove them based on how the odds seems to be swinging, but a set system for Oscar’s Grind does exist, explaining when the best time is to adjust the bet is.

If deciding to use the system, keep in mind that the results are only reliable over a great deal of time, and that one must stick to the strategy even when experiencing periods of loss. The wins will eventually come back around, as is the nature of statistics. The real trick, of course, is not acting impulsively, as gamblers tend to do. A commonly made mistake by gamblers is making higher risk bets after losses, with no thought to odds, in hopes of earning back money, which is the exact wrong way to approach gambling.

Dustin Joves