Oasis Poker Pro Introduced to Casino Players Online

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Oasis Poker Pro Introduced

Oasis Poker Pro Series is a casino table game variant of Caribbean Stud Poker, and is based on these game rules. There are one or two small differences such as Oasis Poker Pro Series allowing players to exchange cards before the raise or fold decision. This can be accomplished at a price.

Oasis poker is generally played at Eastern Europe and North African casinos, where it enjoys substantial popularity. Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit brings this game to Netent Casinos. Netent, as is the custom in their Pro series, have presented casino aficionados with three different versions of Oasis Poker.

The Low Limit version is the one, clearly, where players are able to play with smaller stakes and thus get to know, understand and build their confidence in the game before wagering higher, and more risky, stakes.

The Professional Series Legacy

Net Entertainment’s aim to provide casino players with the best possible range of casino table games has not only developed their reputation as designer of the best table games possible, but has provided the casino playing fraternity with a selection of easy-to-play, high-tech table games.

Every game in their Professional Series has been created using the latest technology and to the exacting standards that professional online players have come to expect.

Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit therefore joins the rest of the Netent stable with the likes of Blackjack, Pontoon, Baccarat, Roulette and Poker, together ensuring Netent casinos have a spectacular range of table games for the discerning player always at hand.

Most Netent Casinos allow players to play the games for free without even registering. Like making instant cricket bets Australia, the game has instant play, and can be accessed directly through the browser. It is only when players wish to join the ranks of real gamblers that registration is needed.

Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit Technicalities

Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit Technicalities

Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit has a relatively high payout of 99.27%. This is markedly higher than the sister game of Caribbean Stud Poker, which offers a payout of 97.42%. The rationale for this difference is the absence of the progressive jackpot that is a feature of Caribbean Stud. Instead, Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit allows players to exchange up to five cards, for a fee.

Poker has a basic set of rules that effectively apply to all the variants, and this applies to Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit as well. When starting a new version, though, it is always advisable to begin with playing the free version so that one can get the hang of it without ruining the bankroll.

Playing the Game Effectively

Players start, as can be expected, with the Ante bet. Following that five cards are dealt to both dealer and player. The players’ cards are visible and the dealers are face down, apart from one card.

Players are then given the option to discard one or more cards, and draw one or more replacement cards. The fee for this is up to 3x the Ante when discarding three of your cards, 2 or 4 cards costs double the Ante, and 1 or 5 cards just the Ante value.

Players using basic strategy will generally aim to discard only one card. Thereafter players select whether to fold or to call. Should they decide to call, the dealer reveals the remaining four cards, and the better 5-card poker hand wins. The dealer needs to qualify with an Ace and King, a rule that should point all players in the direction of which basic stratagem to utilise.

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