Casino Party Décor Ideas for All Budgets

Casino themed parties are particularly popular for major birthdays such as a 21st, 30th, or 40th, and depending on the space you will be utilising and the budget available to you, you can create an all-out casino theme or a more low-key affair, the choice is yours! However, there is absolutely no need to stress as you have the team of party planners on your side!

Casino décor tip – stick to a colour scheme of red, black, and white, and add gold or silver for glitzy accents.

Utilising Your Space and Budget

If you’ll be hosting an event at home, decide on which areas will be utilised and place casino décor in each space, not just the main area. For example, in the bathroom your guests will be using, stick oversized playing cards or suits on the wall, and create a wreath of playing cards and casino chips to hang on the front door.

If your budget is somewhat limited, you may want to visit a party store and buy a few bits and bobs, but make the rest of the casino décor by hand. If you have a couple of hundred dollars to spend, a visit to a party store will provide a virtually endless supply of casino themed décor.

Invitations to the Casino Party

Once again, the choice comes down to budget here. If you have some cash to spend, have paper invitations drawn up which can be delivered by hand to each attendee and remember to make the theme clear – think casino chips, playing cards, glitz and glamour.

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of casino themed e-invitations available online which can be customised as necessary and delivered via email to each invitee.

Place-Settings for a Formal Dinner

While many of your guests may be frequenting casinos regularly you want to wow them from the moment they walk in and immediately cast-out any ideas they may have of sitting in a corner and playing a few rounds of their favourite game! If you’re holding a formal sit-down dinner, your table has to impress. Think sophisticated glitz and glam. Create table settings with each guests name written on a casino themed place-card and you can even customise each place-setting depending on the guest.

Table Decorations

Think black tablecloths, long-stemmed glassware, and everything in the casino colour scheme we mentioned earlier. Scatter the table with casino chips and playing cards and make casino inspired centrepieces. To make a candle-lit centrepiece, fill the bottom of a wide glass vase with casino chips and dice, and place a large red or black candle inside the vase. Party stores should have a good assortment of casino theme appropriate napkins and table decorations, so take advantage of these.

General Casino Décor Ideas

  • Wrap large square boxes in plain wrapping paper and stick glittery circles on each side which correspond with dice markings to create giant dice.
  • Get red, black, and white helium balloons with long weighted ribbons that reach from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Make or buy oversized playing cards and create garlands to hang on the walls.

Dustin Joves