How To Promote Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis is a term that’s only recently begun to make headlines, but one that neuroscientists have been studying for a long time. Neurogenesis is the human brain’s ability to create new neurons, something that scientists thought for a long time was totally impossible. Neurogenesis is not only possible, but it’s possible to make it work more efficiently, helping the brain create more brain cells over the course of an average day.


But what makes neurogenesis important for disabled athletes? There are a lot of reasons to promote neurogenesis. This includes improved memory, better circulation, stronger muscles, better sleep quality, increased concentration, and much more.

 1. Blueberries

 Blueberries are one of the best ways to promote neurogenesis, and a handful should be eaten every day, either on their own or with other food. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, as well as a mixture of other powerful chemicals that can promote the creation of new neurons within our brains, allowing for improvements at work and when playing Bingo Australia.

 2. Exercise

 This is another extremely potent way of promoting neurogenesis. Scientists believe that aerobic exercise three or more times a day is good for both the brain and the body, and advises that more people try and exercise as much as they can. Even something as simple as going out for a walk at the local park can provide a serious boost to the number of neurons that the brain can generate.

 3. Calorie Restrictions

 Intermittent fasting has become one of the most popular diets in the world, and for good reason. There are a number of health benefits that are associated with restricting calories every week, with cell creation being one of the most beneficial. Not only can fasting increase the number of cells created every day, but it can also help our immune system destroy any cells that have the potential to become cancerous, effectively performing a cleanse in our bodies.

 4. Red Wine

 A glass of red wine is a great idea for anyone wanting to put more resveratrol into their diet, a powerful compound that can provide a number of benefits. One glass is more than enough to acquire the daily recommended amount, and users of red wine should try and not have more than one glass a day.

 5. Dark Chocolate

 Dark chocolate is another substance that has been shown to increase cell creation, mostly thanks to the cocoa itself. For this reason, the darker the chocolate, the healthier it is for anyone that eats it. The cocoa contains chemicals known as flavonoids, which are also found in blueberries. Introducing more of these chemicals into the body has been proven to increase quality of sleep, as well as lowering stress markers throughout the body. As stress is often the cause of many of the health problems we face, mainly through inflammation, cutting down on both is an excellent way of being healthier and lowering the chance of dying early or catching any deadly diseases.

Dustin Joves