The Difference Between Asian Cuisines

When we picture enjoying a night of classic gambling, our minds tend to wander to Las Vegas and one of its many, brightly lit and bustling casinos. Very rarely do we think of China or Japan, but gambling is just as much a part of their cultures as it is in Western cultures. 

This makes it the perfect opportunity to fuse Asian cuisine into a casino-themed dinner party or gambling night. The only problem you may have, however, is choosing the right kind of Asian cuisine to use. There are a multitude of Asian cultures, and each one has different varieties of food and drink, and it’s never as simple as having noodles or rice with some chicken.

The most popular of the Asian foods include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Indian, and while many of these share some similarities, they all have unique differences that can change the kind of dinner party you’re throwing. So when you’re getting ready to prepare dinner, make sure you know which cuisine would best suit your evening.

  1. Chinese Food

Chinese food is extremely varied due to how massive the nation is, but there are some commonalities between the different subcultures. For one, most Chinese food involves steamed rice, which will often be paired with beef, chicken, sauce and vegetables. Soups and noodle dishes are also quite popular, and some Chinese cooking styles include Cantonese, Hunan, and Szechwan.

  1. Korean Food

Korean food is generally typified by the use of rice and vegetables, combined with a variety of meats, and then cooked in a range of different sauces, along with sides and spices. One of the most popular Korean dishes is Kimchi, which is a fermented vegetable dish. Another is Tteokbokki, which are steam rice cakes cooked alongside fish cakes and make a great snack when enjoying a bit of Melbourne Cup betting .

  1. Thai Food

Thai food is made up of extremely fresh ingredients and a lot of different spices. Dishes like Pad Thai have become internationally popular, and pairs bean sprouts, peanuts, lime juice, and a variety of spices. Fish, chicken, and sometimes pork is used in Thai food.

  1. Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine is most well known for fresh fish and rice. Dishes like sushi and sashimi are some of their most popular, and involves serving freshly cut fish with a mixture of rice, sometimes wrapped up to enjoy with soy sauce. Teriyaki is another popular Japanese cooking style, in which food is grilled or broiled and then basted in a soy sauce mixture, often with mirin and sugar, and is commonly known as Teriyaki sauce.

  1. Indian Food

Indian food is entirely different to most of the others, and this is in big part due to their usage of curry spice. It’s not just about making things hot, but adding a unique flavour to their dishes, such as stews, soups, among others. Indian foods are carb-heavy, using a number of breads, such as Puri, Chapati, and Paratha.

Dustin Joves