The Healthiest Ways Athletes Can Increase Their Stamina

Stamina is the amount of energy we are able to use before we become tired or exhausted, and it’s a term that most athletes come to know extremely well, especially those that are involved in a sport on a professional level. For most athletes, increasing stamina is fairly straightforward and easy, and involves increasing physical activities and training sessions, which usually sees benefits after a few months.

From disabled athletes, it can be much more difficult. Depending on the type of disability they have, they might have to create a unique training session that would allow them to increase their stamina within the realm of their disability. For those athletes that want an organic way of increasing stamina without too much effort, these are some of the easiest ways.

Meditation and Yoga

While a lot of people would scoff at the thought of doing either meditation or yoga, both have been proven by science to not only increase levels of stamina, but they can also be very beneficial to mental health issues, which are common among the disabled. Meditation and yoga require no special exercise equipment, and can easily be done at home. It’s also simple to create a unique training problem that works with just about any disability, no matter how severe, and can even help ease pain or tension brought on by that disability in particular.


Caffeine can be found in a wide range of different sources, but coffee is usually what most people think of first. Caffeine is a powerful chemical that is able to suppress the mechanisms in our brain that make us tired after a long day. Caffeine can lead to addiction in the long run, so it’s important to always try and practice safe caffeine usage. And while coffee tends to the most well-known form of caffeine, it’s also possible to find it in various teas. For athletes, a strong and organic green tea often comes with just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but also includes a number of other beneficial compounds.

Breathing Exercises

Another way of increasing stamina is by practising breathing exercises as much as possible, which can be done standing or sitting down, or leaving lying flat. The idea behind these breathing exercises is to increase the volume of oxygen that the lungs are able to inhale, thus providing the body with more oxygen. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises are incredibly easy to accomplish, and just about everyone Is able to try them every day without even having to leave their beds, even while betting on NFL Super Bowl odds, and it can see increased lung function after a few weeks.

High intensity Exercises

Any type of high intensity exercise will increase stamina. The exercise can be tailored to a specific athlete, no matter what kind of disability they have, and can help them build up their stamina over time. It’s important, however, that the exercise have brief episodes of very intense physical activity in order to make it work properly.

Dustin Joves