An Exclusive Guide to Making Super Rugby Bets

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Betting on a sport that has catapulted into the premium spot in its class over a very short period of time is bound to be exciting.  Super Rugby was established as recently as 1996, and is played by 12 teams – including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.   Two decades later, matches are now broadcast to no less than forty one countries, and super rugby betting has become a global betting market in its own right.

Countries establish in-house conferences, with local teams going head to head.  The final event is played out by teams participating in a total of 8 games.  Conference matches are as important to the super rugby betting market as are the final events.

Not only do they offer valuable insight as to the probable eventual victor, but make provision for an interesting additional – and highly popular –  betting market.

Getting a Head Start

There are no restrictions on foreign betting sites in New Zealand – punters are able to enjoy all of the action that the sports betting world has to offer.  Many newbies deciding to become involved in the world of sports betting are not quite sure as to how to get started.

The first step is to find a reputable online bookmaker who caters to your specific betting needs – country of residence, supported currency, types of sports, etc.  Ensure that the bookmaker of your choice accepts the payment methods of your choice, e.g. credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Many bookmakers have included live streaming of the super rugby games that are open to bets, on their respective websites.  Gone are the days when following live super rugby betting games was a costly affair.

Minimizing the Risk and Maximizing the Payout

When choosing a bookmaker, shop around for the ones offering the best sign-up bonuses and promotions.  Most bookmakers will match the punter’s initial deposit amount, adding real value to your initial money spent.

Establishing a Super Rugby Betting System

It’s no secret that super rugby betting season is money making season for the top Australian sports betting sites.  Betting on a super rugby event is equal to making an investment.  The size of the bet must be decided on and the risks involved must be evaluated.  Match confidence will only truly be reached once solid research has been done concerning team and player form, historical results during similar match circumstances, weather conditions, location of play, etc.

Asking questions is key when formulating a successful super rugby betting strategy.  How many matches have been played between the two teams going head to head?  Which one of the two teams was crowned victorious the majority of times?  Is the venue home ground to any of the two teams?

Many software systems exist online, all claiming to be the best at making accurate future betting predictions.  Although at times very useful, there is no substitute for good old fashioned homework.  New Zealand is a country passionate about the game of super rugby.  With no shortage of match statistics and articles of interest, super rugby betting should be a great deal of fun rather than a tedious ordeal.

Dustin Joves