An Exclusive Guide to Playing Mobile Tequila Poker for Players

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Guide to Playing Mobile Tequila Poker

Tequila poker is a unique variation of poker that can be found at an increasing number of online and mobile casinos. Developed in 2005, tequila poker was created due to an increased demand for diverse poker game variations.

Mobile online tequila poker is a combination of the two classic casino card games poker and blackjack. Tequila poker is not played against other players or against the casino’s dealer, as winning the game is only possible through predetermined values.

High Tequila and Tequila Poker

Mobile online tequila poker actually consists of two different games in itself. These two games are high tequila and tequila poker, both of which are extremely similar.

There is only a slight difference between the two: high tequila counts a player’s mobile online tequila poker cards by their total point value, and tequila poker counts the cards by their poker hand value.

Playing Tequila Poker at Mobile Casinos

Tequila poker has gained popularity over the years, leading to the game appearing at more and more online casinos. However, for players who need a more portable casino gaming medium, a number of mobile casinos also offer mobile online tequila poker games.

When playing tequila poker via their mobile phones, players will still be able to use all the same features as they would be able to online. Many online casinos have created their own mobile casinos that are fully optimised for use on smartphones and tablets, and these casinos are also compatible with many different mobile phone brands and models such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

Tequila Poker at Mobile Casinos

How to Play Mobile Online Tequila Poker

To play mobile online tequila poker, players must begin the game by placing an ante bet. The maximum and minimum values of this bet will be determined by the stake limits of the specific tequila poker game in question.

Then, players can select the ‘deal’ option to be dealt an initial 4 cards, which will be dealt facing up. Once the cards are dealt, players can consider their values and decide to play one of the two games mentioned earlier; high tequila or tequila poker.

Players can also choose to fold, which will forfeit their ante bets, while continuing to play will automatically place a main bet of the same value as the original ante bet. If players hold a winning hand in either high tequila or tequila poker, their bets will pay even money.

Free and Real Money Tequila Poker

Players who play mobile online tequila poker at certified mobile casinos will be able to experience tequila poker games with graphics that have been designed for mobile phone use, making use of features like the devices’ touch screen interfaces for interactive gaming.

Additionally, like trying out options in roulette, one of the main benefits of playing mobile online tequila poker is being able to choose between free tequila poker games and real money games. Free games offer a risk free environment for beginners to learn the rules of mobile online tequila poker before they wager their own money.

By opening a mobile casino account, players will also be awarded a welcome bonus that will extend the amount of casino credits with which they can play tequila poker.

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