The Italian Job Online Slot Game Review

The Italian Job is a classic film, well known for being revolutionary for a number of reasons. It was one of the first films that portrayed criminals as not only the characters the audience was meant to relate to, but also individuals that the audience was meant to admire. The film was also famous for many incredible car chases, which were, at the time, completely amazing in terms of choreography and stunt work. The film later had a remake, which was met with much less success. The Italian Job slot game is based on the original movie, although there is little that that has been borrowed from the film in terms of visuals.

The slots game uses completely original artwork, none of which depicts any of the actors from the movie. The graphics of the game are well done, however, and the unique style creates a visual sensation for the eyes. In terms of game play, the Italian Job uses a five reel, nine betting line system.

A unique aspect of the game is that the player may select betting lines individually, in any order, without some lines having to be activated to unlock other betting lines. This is a system not seen in many online Australian pokies, and offers a deep level of strategy that is uncommon. The Italian Job can be played on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Symbol Designs And Payout System

The artwork in the Italian job slot game has already been mentioned as outstanding, and another notable feature of the visuals is how much variety there is. No standard playing card symbols are used here, each symbol is unique.

The most valuable standard symbol in the game is the hand holding a detonator, which is a good payout amount if matched the maximum of five times. Following this symbol is the recording equipment, followed by the three ladies, the figure holding gold, the man wearing glasses, the police, and a van.

Unique Bonus System

There are a number of unique bonus features in the Italian Job slot game. The first is the idea that certain icons need to be matched in order to start the bank robbery, which tell a story in pictures. The hand holding a detonator, plus recording equipment, plus a racing car are a matching sequence, given that these items form a brief explanation of how the bank job was achieved in the Italian Job film. If these symbols are matched, they will grant a mini-jackpot.

The second bonus feature revolves around the car icons, of which there are three in total. If all three are matched, the player will be shown a screen that depicts the rear ends of two vehicles. In the Italian Job film, of course, the gold was stolen and loaded into the backs of cars, which was then transferred into vans. The player must determine how much of the gold is transferred in the mini-game, which will be calculated into a grand total of money paid out. It is also possible to activate multipliers during this sequence, which will turn an already good payout into an enormous amount.

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