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Many online casino fans stick almost exclusively to slots or bingo for money, playing a few hands of video poker, poker or blackjack for variety, and occasionally having a flutter on roulette. A game like Baccarat is avoided by many who see it as a symbol of “old-style casinos”, with hard-to-play games for experts only. The fearsome reputation Baccarat is given as a card game only for experienced gamblers in novels and films, like the James Bond series, doesn’t help.

In fact, Baccarat is no harder to learn to play than Blackjack, a game that it closely resembles in the fact that both player and dealer are trying to get as close to a specific number as possible. In this case, it’s 9, but unlike Blackjack, neither the player nor the dealer can bust. In addition, other players can bet on either the player or the house winning, so poor cards for either one is never bad news for everybody.

The Basics of Baccarat Play

Baccarat is dealt from a shoe containing a number of 52-card decks with no Jokers. The dealer deals two cards for the player and two for the house in the usual dealing sequence, with all cards face-up. Numbered cards from 2 to 9 count at their face value, 10s or Royal cards count as 0, and Aces count as 1.

The object us to score exactly 9, or as close to 9 as possible. If either the player or the house has an 8 or 9 total, the hand ends and the winner is the player closest to 9. If neither has an 8 or 9 total, the player may in some versions get to draw another card. In all versions, the winner is the hand that totals the closest to 9. Other players can bet on either the player or the house winning the hand, and they win if they are correct.

Baccarat among Growing Range of iPad Games

As mobile gaming continues to grow increasingly popular, developers are rapidly moving beyond the slots on which the mobile gaming industry at first concentrated. Baccarat is one of the table games now coded for mobile play in several different variations. Whether they prefer to play direct through the iOS browser or download apps to play on their iPads, users can find several Baccarat versions to try out, including live options with other players in real time.

Developers and casino groups like Evolution Gaming, Katzou Ly, LeoVegas, Bet365 and Roxy Palace, among many others, already have Baccarat games available, whether for instant play via the iPad’s browser or as downloadable apps that play equally well on iPhones as they do on iPads. Many of these apps are free, and offer players the additional choice of playing for credits-only fun, or depositing money in a casino account and playing Baccarat for real money.

Why iPad is a Great Baccarat Option

The iPad is the ideal device on which to access mobile casino games like roulette Its connectivity allows players to play Baccarat anywhere, anytime, and the built-in Apple encryption adds an extra layer of security to the casino’s own. Graphics, animations and sound effects are reproduced in perfect condition, and the touchscreen makes play simplicity itself. The larger size of the iPad helps it score over smart phones, as the play is just as mobile but the Baccarat table is larger and easier to play on. A search for Baccarat games and apps is therefore worth any iPad-owning gaming fan’s while.

Dustin Joves